Success Stories

Dr. Friedman is a smart and caring doctor, who successfully treated my recurring knee pain 2 + years ago. She has also helped me resolve other issues that my PCP couldn't. She is a true and dedicated healer who continues to be my trusted source for wellness care.

 Karin R. Suffern, NY 6/2016

I have been a patient of Dr Lynn's for the past 23 years. After a severe neck injury at work I felt I was never going to get better. With her great compassion and know how, she was able to  look at my whole body through Chiropractic, advising me on proper foods to help my body heal, and specific stretches to get me back on my feet again. I truly feel God himself put Dr Lynn in my life. The world would be a better place if everyone had a special doctor and almost life coach as she is..Thank you Dr Lynn..I dont know what I would have done without you.

Eileen Riggio-Cote 5/2016

In the short time that I have been receiving care at Dr Friedman's office, I've witnessed the impact that Dr. Friedman has had on her patients and I have been overwhelmed by the benefits of the chiropractic care that she provides.

Laura Hollenbaugh, Stony Point N.Y.

I've always had trouble with my back.  Two years ago that trouble landed me in the hospital and for a week I endured, along with indescribable pain, test after test without any answers. 
Three weeks ago that pain returned and my first thought was, "I'm NOT going through all those tests again," so through the tears and pain I called my friend who I knew had been seeing a chiropractor.  Within an hour of my first phone call to Dr. Friedman's office I was crawling through her door.  I was met by the receptionists who helped me handle all the paperwork unbelievably quick and I was then handed over to Dr. Friedman's medical assistant who, with caring words and encouragement, brought me into a room where I first met with Dr. Friedman.  The compassion I received I'll never forget. Dr Friedman did a thorough history to find the reason for my back pain, I was given a box of tissues, and gently helped on a table for beginning care and treatment.  
Dr. Friedman called me both Saturday and Sunday to see how I was doing, her care and compassion reaches beyond office hours, which in this day and age is unbelievable. 
After my x-rays she was able to pinpoint my problem and start my therapy to get me back on my feet.  It has now been three weeks since I first hobbled into her office. The care, understanding, and support I was given is truly unbelievable.  There has been such a change in the way I feel and the things I can now do, it is nothing short of amazing and ALL this I owe to Dr. Friedman and her very caring staff and associates. 
Although there are times when the ER is needed, it is not always the answer.  I found this out the hard way.  I wish I had met Dr. Friedman years ago.  If anyone reading this has problems in the back, neck, legs, or just feels the burden of life's everyday living I cannot press upon you what this caring Doctor's office can do for you; not just balancing your bones, but also your inner being.  I promise you will find wonderful, caring, compassionate, and let's not forget knowledgeable, people in this office.

Rhonda Hopkins, Stony Point N.Y.


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